Course curriculum

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    Welcome to SEO For Copywriters And Content Creators

    • Welcome to SEO For Copywriters And Content Creators!

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

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    SEO for copywriters and content creators

    • Lesson 1: What is On Page SEO?

    • Lesson 2: SEO Content Strategy

    • Lesson 3: Introduction to keyword research

    • Lesson 4: User Intent: Knowing why users search a keyword and how this helps create better content.

    • Lesson 5: Keyword Research Overview: All the steps required when performing keyword research.

    • Lesson 6 Part 1: On Page SEO Elements: Title, URL/Slug, Headings

    • Lesson 6 Part 2: On page SEO Elements: Meta description, images and first 100 words.

    • Lesson 6 Part 3: On page SEO Elements: Internal links, external links and anchor text.

    • Lesson 7: Google Analytics for copywriters

    • Lesson 8: Google Search Console for copywriters

    • Lesson 9: Google's E.A.T. policy and tips for improving your client's E.A.T.

    • Demo lesson: How to use Yoast: Wordpress plugin to help you manage on-page SEO tasks.

    • Demo lesson: Writing meta descriptions using SEOMofo snippet optimisation tool.

  • 3

    Course templates to help you complete on-page SEO

    • Keyword Research Brainstorming

    • Keyword Modifiers List to help with brainstorming

    • Keyword Selection Criteria Checklist: What to look for when selecting keywords

    • Keyword Analysis Guide

    • On-page SEO Checklist: All the on-page SEO elements to optimise with keywords

    • On-page SEO 45 tips & tricks I've learnt doing hundreds of keyword research projects

    • SEO Blog Template

    • Google E.A.T. Checklist

  • 4

    Course templates to help you with SEO for your clients

    • Make more money with SEO add-on services for your copywriting clients

    • Keyword research project preparation: what to do before you start keyword research for a client